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SuperTrack Pinewood Track.
So durable, it may be the last track you ever buy.

Pinewood Track

SuperTrack is the lightest track.
A four lane, 35 foot SuperTrack ships in just one 45 pound box complete with SuperTimer II, RaceManager, Stand and Precision Digital Scale. Compare that to one wooden track that ships in an 80 pound box or an Aluminum track that ships in three boxes totaling either 115 pounds (50, 35, 30) or 128 pounds (54, 54, 20). Even our six lane tracks use just two boxes and neither weighs more than 40 pounds for even the longest version.

SuperTrack is the most durable track.
Check here for pictures of a motorhome running over SuperTrack. Don't try this with other tracks.

SuperTrack comes from SuperTimer, the ONLY one-stop shop for complete Pinewood Derby systems: SuperTrack, SuperTimer II and RaceManager software.
Start with a top quality track that won't split or pit and won't ever need paint. Add that you don't have to build your own storage box! Then add SuperTimer II. It simply slips on without tools and provides super accurate results. Continue with RaceManager. It runs the race for you! We even provide our precise Digital Scale. One stop, One shop, One order, Complete confidence.

SuperTrack is the least expensive track.
For a 4 lane 35 foot track, when compared to two of our major competitors, SuperTrack is anywhere from $140 to $330 less expensive. Even bigger savings with more lanes or longer tracks. And, shipping costs are less. Put another way, you can buy the track, the timer and the race management software from us for little more than you can buy just the track elsewhere.

SuperTrack is the easiest to assemble and disassemble.
The unique design of SuperTrack assembles without tools. No nuts, no bolts, no pins. No sharp screw ends to scratch the floor. Similar conventional wooden tracks have 20 or more easy-to-lose nuts and bolts, some aluminum tracks have over 100! nuts and bolts. Only SuperTrack disassembles as easily and goes right back in the durable plastic shipping container for storage. There's even an Assembly Video! Take a moment to watch it and see just how easy (and good looking) it is. Then read the competition tracks' multi-page assembly manuals!

SuperTrack is the easiest to store.
Only SuperTrack stores right back in its 7' x 9" x 9" shipping container. Other tracks require that you build a storage container that's twice as big for a wooden track and much larger still for an aluminum track because of their pre-bent start section. Just imagine how heavy those other tracks are when surrounded by a large wooden storage box. And, because our box is only 7' long, it will stand up in an 8' room and fit in a mini-van!

SuperTrack is the best engineered track.
SuperTrack's thoroughly engineered design features the fastest, most stable, starting ramp as well as Lane numbers at the start and finish. It even has 10 U.S. flags! It needs no painting or deburring. And its color is molded all the way through. SuperTrack assembles with no screws*. Track pieces slide together easily and automatically align within a few thousands of an inch! Major joints are held rigidly together for up-down and side-to-side movement by simple tabs and precision extrusions. End-to-end movement is restricted by a single nylon cord. SuperTrack is the first true redesign of the Pinewood Derby Track since the 1950's. *It does have two (only two!) threaded rods, four cap nuts and two wing nuts to mount the timer and garage at the end of the track, all hand tightened.

SuperTrack is the easiest to maintain.
Clean off the graphite with "Soft Scrub," that's it. No painting, no corrosion, no worry about humidity, sunlight, hot attic or damp basement. No lost pins, nuts, bolts or clips to find.

SuperTrack is the safest track.
No burrs, no splinters, no electrical safety issues, no back strain from the weight. And, NO damage to gym floors!

Pinewood Track

The extruded ABS surface is nearly mirror flat. Each lane has 3.4 inches of clear wide surface, edge guided (the same width as many conventional center-guided tracks but slightly wider than some published wood track designs.) Because of the precision edge guides, the wheel's outside, more rounded surface is used to guide the car instead of the sharper inside surface, virtually eliminating lane jumping. Jumping is further reduced by the molded-in smoothness of the guides and the thoughtfully engineered starting ramp. And, SuperTrack is so easy to set up, consider running a 'Trial Night' several weeks before the actual race.

There's even an Assembly Video!

Each extruded section of SuperTrack is 2 lanes wide by 7 feet long and weighs only 3 pounds! SuperTrack is available in 4 or 6 lane versions with lengths of 35, 42 and 49 feet. All versions weigh LESS THAN HALF of a similar sized wooden Pinewood Derby Track in total weight and less than one quarter on a section by section basis. Lane sections are custom extruded in Blue or Gold (Yellow). The gate pegs, finish line sensor mounts and start section interlocks are custom injection molded in Blue ABS. The starting stand pipes are custom extruded Blue ABS. No Pinewood Derby Track weighs less. No track is easier to use. No track will take more abuse.

SuperTrack ships in a nearly indestructible blue corrugated polypropylene (Correx/Coroplast) carton. (Two cartons for 6 lane tracks.) We don't use wood that can split or splinter. The cartons are less than 86" x 9" x 9" (actual dimensions vary slightly by model). AND, SuperTrack goes back in the box after the race for simple and safe storage, even directly on a damp concrete basement floor. Unlike less sophisticated wood and metal Pinewood Tracks, you don't have to build your own storage box.

More about SuperTrack Prices and Shipping.

More technical information about SuperTrack.
Includes a downloadable 5 minute assembly video.

More about Plastic - Wood - Metal as Pinewood Track surfaces.

More about available track colors. Yellow or Blue?

More about the SuperTrack and other Pinewood Derby Track Starting Ramps.

More about the SuperTrack Starting Gate.

More about the SuperTrack Finish Line.

More about SuperTrack Assembly.

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