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Watch SuperTrack set the World Record for the longest (529 feet!) Pinewood Derby Track.

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SuperTimer Upgrade/Parts Price List.


Shipping within the Continental US is via UPS. Normal ground shipping takes 5 days or less to anywhere in the Continental US. If you're in a hurry and need overnight, second day or guaranteed 3 day service is also available to most locations. Parts shipping is billed at cost.

Parts are usually shipped from stock on orders received before 12 noon Central Time. We accept a Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit/debit card or a check. NONE of these parts are needed when placing a new order.

These are service replacement or upgrade parts. See Notes.
Finish Line Sensor/Led Parts Kit
USB to Serial Port Convertor
50' Cable - Start to SuperTimer II - RJ-11/RJ-11
50' Cable - Computer to SuperTimer II - RJ-11/db-9
7' Cable - Finish Line to SuperTimer II - RJ-45/RJ-45
RaceManager SOFTWARE Upgrade Option
(Includes CD, Cable and USB Adapter)
Triangular Finish Sensor Mount
Triangular Start Peg
Finish Line Sensor Circuit Board
Power Supply
Pinewood Derby Digital Scale
SuperTrack Garage 4 Lane (Memory Foam, easier wiring)
SuperTrack Garage 6 Lane (Memory Foam, easier wiring)
SuperTrack Starting Stand (new no shock cord design) 4 lane
SuperTrack Starting Stand (new no shock cord design) 6 lane

* Notes:

  • USB by specification is limited to 15' (5 meter) wire length but SuperTimer II needs to operate with up to 50' of wire so it uses a conventional serial port (COM). The USB to serial convertor is provided with SuperTimer II but may be needed if you have an older SuperTimer II and your laptop does not have a conventional serial port.

  • Finish Line Sensor/Led Parts Kit includes sensor with 12" leads, Led with 12" leads, led lens, tie wrap, screw and nylon washer.

  • 50' Cable - Start to SuperTimer II is a four wire telephone cable with an RJ-11 connector on each end. Not all available cables will work in this application as some are made with too small a conductor size.

  • 50' Cable - Computer to SuperTimer II is a four wire telephone standard cable with an RJ-11 connector on one end and a db-9 (Serial Port) connector on the other end.

  • 7' Cable - Finish Line to SuperTimer II is an eight wire telephone standard cable with an RJ-45 connector on each end.

  • 'Telephone standard' cables, as opposed to 'data standard' cables, may be identified by locating the 'seam' on the flat side of the cable. In a telephone standard cable the seam is on the same side (eg. the side with the handle) of each connector.

  • RaceManager SOFTWARE Upgrade assumes that you do NOT already have RaceManager. This software package includes the 50' Computer to SuperTimer II cable above and thus must be shipped. If you already have RaceManager, download the most recent version patch for FREE. Your current version appears in the lower right corner of the opening 'splash' screen.

  • Replacing the Solenoid requires significant soldering skills and is usually a factory process.

  • The fact that any of the above items exist as available parts does not in any way indicate that they are commonly ordered.

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